December of 1912. Presidents Wilson, Coolidge, Hoover and Roosevelt stayed at Hotel Oakland, as well as celebrities of the time, Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart.

Hotel Oakland Map

In 1943, the War Department took possession of the hotel for use as a U.S. Army hospital known as Oakland Area Station Hospital. Following World War II, the Veterans Administration operated a hospital in the building until August of 1963. Following the VA’s use of the facility, several unsuccessful attempts were made to reopen the hotel for public use. For the next 15 years it stood vacant. Finally, in 1978 a Boston-based developer obtained possession and remodeled it into a housing project for the elderly.

Today Hotel Oakland is devoted to healthy, low-income senior housing. The first low-income senior village was formed in 2011 at Hotel Oakland, now called the Hotel Oakland Village ( Fifteen Village Health Groups were formed in an effort to combat the negative health effects of senior isolation with over 80% resident participation! In February of 2016, the“Village Health and Wellness Connection” was introduced, where Village residents receive a confidential, long-term “Wellness Plan” that will be regularly monitored and adjusted as residents age in place at the Hotel Oakland Village. The Hotel Oakland Village has become a recognized national model for healthy senior living that has successfully reduced isolation among the almost 400 Hotel Oakland Village residents. (source: