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06/13/2024 | Virtual National Screening

National Impact Screening

06/27/2024 | Manchester Street Arts Club, BN2 1TF

Brighton Rocks Film Festival

07/12/2024 | CZI Community Space, Redwood City, CA

Bravemaker Film Festival

07/14/2024 | Century Theater

Bravemaker Film Festival

Hip Hop Cine Fest
05/19/2024 | Rome, Italy

Hip Hop Cinefest

Official Selection
04/28/2024 | Campus Theater

Thin Line Film Festival

03/07/2024 | Watsonville AMC Theater

Watsonville Film Festival



As the pandemic shuts down Oakland’s streets in the midst of the BLM Protests and fight for racial justice, artists attempt their largest mural yet determined to use their artistic expression to amplify the cause.



Woman working on a moral


Amidst the pandemic shutting down Oakland’s streets and the revolutionary Black Lives Matter Protests, artists attempt their tallest and most challenging mural yet, determined to use their creations for justice. Born out of the struggle to preserve local culture and painted on the walls of a racial justice organization, ASCENDANCE is a grandiose 90 feet tall mural in Oakland’s Downtown. Though initially violent, the protests blossom into artistic expression, transforming broken windows into canvases. ASCENDANCE arises in this landscape of public resistance and art.People protesting



Alice Dance Movie Poster


Running time: 17 minutes
1920p, 16:9
Director: Spencer Wilkinson
Producer: Kodhai Thirumalai
Finishing Editor: Jon Ayon Alonso
Contributing Editors: Sareeta Young, Braelan Murray
Cinematography by: Demondre Ward, JJ Harris & Spencer Wilkinson
Associate Producer: Desi Mundo
Composer: Micah Berek
Sound Designer: James Berek
Color By: Alkemic Color
Photographers: Rudi Tcruz, Demondre Ward

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ASCENDANCE is the story of the creation of an immense and challenging 90 feet tall mural, born out of the Community Benefit Agreements won as a result of the Oakland community resisting the destruction of their beloved Alice Street Mural. As the pandemic shuts down Oakland’s streets in the midst of the BLM Protests and fight for racial justice, artists attempt their largest mural yet determined to use their artistic expression to amplify the cause.

This leads to the exploration of various questions:

1. What is the role of public art in an ever-changing city?
2. How can the social environment that an artwork is created in influence the art work?
3. How can communities fight back against external factors that threaten to destroy their cultural history?

ASCENDANCE can be used in your own communities to address the specific issues and concerns you may be facing. The impact guide includes a menu of options for reflective questions and activities that can accompany the screening to ensure thinking about how to bring about social change where it’s needed most. Building upon the hugely successful ALICE STREET Impact Campaign, ASCENDANCE has the opportunity to support communities across the country and beyond.


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Marina Perez-Wong is a cancer survivor and thriver, mixed race, San Francisco - “Mission girl” who comes from a long line of artists, caregivers, union workers, revolutionaries and humanitarians with a solid work ethic. In 2013 Marina co-founded Twin Walls Mural Company alongside her longtime best friend and mural partner Elaine C. Chu. She has worked as a muralist and teaching artist throughout the Bay Area and New York City.


Elaine Chu was born and raised in San Francisco. For over a decade she has worked at Precita Eyes Mural Arts Association as the Director’s assistant, a teaching artist and as a muralist. Having worked with many diverse communities, she loves the challenge of collaborating with a group of people to bring their unified vision together on a monumental scale.


Priya Handa is a Bay Area born and raised artist of South - Asian (Punjabi) descent. She has worked as a muralist nationally and internationally traveling as far as Mexico and Palestine. She is an activist making work supporting Black Lives, Sex workers, Farmers in India, the Navajo nation, the military complex, and police brutality.


A Chicago-born aerosol writer based in Oakland, Desi Mundo is the founder of the Community Rejuvenation Project (CRP). Under his leadership, CRP has produced more than 250 murals. Desi also has a long history of community organizing and public art advocacy. For his activism, volunteerism, and artistic contributions, Desi is also a recipient of the Best of the Bay award from East Bay Express.


Lisa Max is an upcoming muralist in the Bay Area and studies at the Academy of Arts in Chicago. She was a student of Marina Perez-Wong of the Twin Walls Mural Company. In addition to 'AscenDance' she has also worked on many other Bay Area murals including "Our Ancestor's Wildest Dreams" mural in San Francisco.